Young Jin Mould is a leading company
of plastic injection mold since 1972,
which manufactures high precision products such as TV, PC, Refrigerators, automobile and so forth.

And our major customers are some of
the biggest companies, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Electronics, and Daewoo Moters etc. in Korea, and NEC, TOSHIBA, TOYOTA, HONDA etc.
in overseas, especially in Japan.

We believe that our products have satisfied them, and we feel so proud of offering them our products.

We are always doing our best to manufacture the higher quality products and make a short lead-time
by the Advanced Technology and Skills
in Precision Mold, High Technical Facilities and Quality Management.
In addition, we will have a plan to promote our products to U.S.A and Europe in the near future.

We look forward to serving you, that must be our pleasure.


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