I sincerely appreciate your visit here, Young Jin Mould (Home page) in web
and I am pleased to get the opportunity to introduce Young Jin Mould to you.

Young Jin Mould has done her best to supply the precision mold with the highest quality
since 1972. Today , Young Jin Mould is making every efforts to meet the suddenly changing mold and engineering business.

Young Jin Mould takes pride in accumulated during 28 years in order to satisfy the customer's need in quality, price and delivery schedule ;

  • Technical Know-how
    (The Advanced Technology and Skills in Precision Mold)
  • High Technical Facilities Thorough
  • Quality Control

In addition, Young Jin Mould has a renewed commitment for the higher levels of quality,
value and best services by the aggressive investment on R&D and reasonable production administration.

Young Jin Mould assures you of providing a win-win solution with above merits.
Young Jin Mould is going to be here stronger ever when you need us.

Thank you,

Yang-Myung Park, President
Young Jin Mould Co., Ltd.


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